Nerf Swarmfire could end the Nerf Wars as we know it

We have reported on a lot of Nerf toys in the past like the Stampede ECS Blaster and the Nerf Raider. This Swarmfire is definitely like the weapon that Tony Stark told us about in Iron Man: “I say that the best weapon is the one you only use just once”.
The Swarmfire has the ability to fire off about 20 Nerf darts at once. I’m not certain if that is a record for a Nerf gun, but it is certainly enough to give any warrior a distinct advantage in the coming Nerf wars. Personally, if I had a gun that could hold 20 Nerf darts, I would want the ability to shoot them off one at a time. I don’t have any word from my Source on whether or not you can do what seems to me an obvious feature.
Nerf recommends that safety glasses or goggles need to be worn while this gun is going off. It would appear that the line between Nerf gun fights and paintball is slowly fading.
Unlike other Nerf guns, the Swarmfire takes C batteries. Six of them, as a matter of fact. According to my Source, that is enough batteries to give the weapon a “heft”, but not enough to make it hard to use.
The Nerf Swarmfire should be available this Spring for a price of $30 for any child that is eight years old and up.