Telephone Consultation Recorder


Do you tend to forget what has been spoken to you over the phone, especially when it involves capturing medical instructions, legal processes, and financial advice? Then the Telephone Consultation Recorder might just be your cup of tea. After all, this recording device will make sure every spoken word between professional services and a client (that’s you) is captured for posterity.

The recorder will issue a clearly audible beep to make sure both parties are aware that their conversation is being recorded. It must be plugged into your phone via the included splitter cable before it can kick into action, while its sensitive internal microphone will capture every detail of a consultation.

With dual automatic gain control and adjustable recording levels, you will get superior sound quality. All consultations will be saved in the MP3 file format onto any SD memory card (up to 32GB in capacity), and to get an idea on how long that is, a 4GB SD memory card can already hold up to 40 hours of conversation. Fancy spending $159.95 on this?

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