DreamCheeky offers new USB Missile Launcher


Let’s face it – USB Missile Launchers are old hat by now, but that doesn’t mean you cannot improve on it. Enter DreamCheeky’s version of their USB Missile Launcher, where it has been specially re-engineered to deliver the additional power required to land that knockout blow. Of course, this is meant to be a prank toy, and if your colleagues complain to the boss about you fooling around in the office, tough luck. Boasting easy mouse and keyboard control, each purchase will come with a quartet of foam missiles that will not put anyone’s eyes out, so choose your targets carefully. This is Angry Birds in the flesh, albeit in a different form factor. Boasting a 25’ range thanks to its new “Ballistic Missiles”, you have another 4’ of USB cable to toy around with – making it more than suitable for any decent sized office. Mac users will have to wait until a Mac version of the software launches (no pun intended).

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