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Okay so let’s face it, a digital frame, is a digital frame, is a digital frame, and as you get your 3rd one, as a gift from your soon to be ex-boyfriend, you wonder why the screensaver slideshow on your computer wasn’t already good enough to put some of these guys out of business, but you smile, and put on your “oh I love it” face anyway…

Well, fresh from CES, Parrot just unveiled the DIA, the first digital photo frame that you really will be happy to receive. The DIA is less like an old digital frame and more like a movie screen that has a picture projected upon it.

The DIA’s LCD display is separate from it’s backlight, which gives your favorite photos a beautiful, designer friendly, transparent effect, very different from the digital frames of, well, just yesterday.

The frame itself is fairly plain, with its controls on the top and the SD card slot and USB ports on the side. Photos are added by USB, SD or alternatively, you can send photos to the frame wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

DIA playfully provides some additional functionality by adding a few bells and whistles not seen before, with an unusual selection of preinstalled apps. Or you can consult the Frame Channel, and select your own apps. So, see your favorite pictures, check the news and weather, check the financial channel, Facebook, or just send pics directly to the frame with your iPhone. Yup, theres an app for that too.

The Parrot DIA probably wont be available until February, and we don’t know for how much, but something tells me I won’t be stacking 5 of them in my closet for next Christmas.


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Emeric Says: January 15, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Yes you are right, now I actually want one. I’m really attracted with this digital frame because it has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I hope the Bluetooth is compatible with most of cell phone, so I can send the picture from my phone directly to the digital frame without have to release the memory card first.

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