Lumi Mask Sleep Goggles

Some of you might remember when we covered the Sleeptracker Elite Pro watch, a watch with an alarm that works by waking the user up at an optimal time.

This reminds me of this Lumi Mask, and it is designed to wake up someone by projecting “natural” light on the face. It begins 30 minutes prior to the wake-up time, so that wake-up time is a whole lot easier.

Just think of it as one of those days where you can sleep without the burden of an alarm clock, and you wake up as the sun beams into your room.

Unfortunately, you can’t seem to purchase this right now, and I believe that this is concept work for right now. I suppose that the science of this sleep and wake-up technology is valid, but I have to admit that I’m not certain whether or not it really works. Maybe I’ve just got used to the sleep patterns that I have had.

This project is on Kickstarter, and Taylor Franklin Hide is asking for $1 minimum investments to get this thing going. It apparently takes about $10,000 to get this thing started, and he’s got about half of this already. We will see if this one makes it to the usual commercial retailers.


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  1. it’s funny because in finnish ‘lumi’ means snow 😛 beautiful product! it reminds me of this product i just came across called ear snoozer. really digging all of this new technology!

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