How Disneyland combats long lines

I realize that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but there is something at Disneyland that everyone is unhappy with: long lines to the rides.

Fortunately, Disney is “on this”. According to my Source, there is some sort of command center located underneath Cinderella’s castle that has figured out how to eliminate as much downtime as much as possible.

This Think Tank factors into some interesting figures like the average number of rides ridden per visitor and team tracking of wait times. They can then do all sorts of things like re-route traffic to less populated areas of the park like with a mini-parade or something. They can even liven up Pirates of the Caribbean line by sending in Jack Sparrow.

I wonder who are the guys who can figure this stuff out? Apparently, they look forward to a day when there is some sort of memory built into the characters, so they really keep track of you, even your name. Perhaps they can liven up Star Tours by giving their stationary robots of C3-PO and R2-D2 facial recognition ability.

I realize that’s sort of crossing Big Brother with Mickey Mouse, but like they say in Vegas, what happens there stays there. At least it had better.