Hands on with the Jabra Stone 2

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the original Jabra Stone when it first came out. I found that it would go out of sync with my mobile often. Granted, the original Stone might have had a hard time working with my four-year-old dinosaur phone.

Yes, that is practically antique in mobile technology years. It would appear that the sequel, the Jabra Stone 2, is better than the original.

The Stone 2 has some cool hands-free communication pictures like making calls with the sound of a voice. You can also Answer or Ignore a call by just speaking the word.

Of course, a lot of Bluetooth headsets have that feature, but the Stone 2 has many Voice Enabled Applications from Jabra’s World of Apps. These are third party apps to work with the Stone 2 that can do things like send text messages or email with the voice. You can also get email messages read, update Facebook, notify users of missed calls, and other things.

You might notice that the Stone 2 looks just like the first stone. It even has that charging station set-up. I guess if you don’t need to improve on something, don’t bother.

You should be able to get the Jabra Stone 2 for a price of $129.