The Sleeptracker Elite Pro Watch

by Mark R

Even though I have done this all my life, I still do not like waking up to an alarm clock. This is probably why I work from home, because I can’t stand being a slave to the alarm clock.

The Sleeptracker Elite is designed to combat this problem, and worn on the wrist like an ordinary digital wristwatch. All you need to do is set a phase alarm for the normal time that you awake, and then adjust the vibrating alarm window of time to have the Sleeptracker wake you.

Apparently, the Sleeptracker is set to wake you up an an optimal waking time. What you have to do is connect via USB connection in order to get sleep phase data on your PC. Apparently, the body has a certain cycle that knows what is the best time to wake, and the Sleeptracker can wake you in that proper window.

Setting the watch involves a lot of buttons, which is very similar to many of the digital watches that I used back in the eighties. I am suddenly very aware that it has been a while since I last wore a watch. The watch has GLO backlight, water-resistant, and it has a vibrating alarm, ringing alarm, or both can be used.

You should be able to get the Sleeptracker Elite in both Him and Her models for about $179.00 on the official site.

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