Facebook Shopping? Now you can “friend” JCPenny

It’s no secret that I love shopping, but what made the experience perfect was shopping with my best friend. I enjoyed being able to show her the stuff I liked, and she told me if it looked great on me or not, thats why she’s my best friend, because if the answer was no, she let me down easy, alas, my best friend lives in Minnesota now, so I shop alone.

Well, look what we have here, JCPenny appears to be one of the first major retailers to introduce a Facebook application that allows users to shop within the social network without ever leaving. You can peruse the entire online catalog and best of all you can “like” and “share” products with your Facebook friends.

Other companies like 1-800 Flowers and Delta Airlines have already joined the pages of Facebook, and it seems like the idea will most certainly catch on as a novel way to engage customers and reduce hardcopy catalog costs.

The application was created by Usablenet, an e-commerce specialist  based in NewYork City, London and Italy.

I like the idea and I hope some of my favorite retailers follow suit. Based on the popularity of the JCPenny page,  it certainly seems like they will, but we are going to have to come up with a word for the phobia I have about entering my credit card number into a Facebook app… any ideas?

Source:  www.usablenet.com

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