HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter

Summer is long gone and now we are experiencing the bitter chill of winter, but that does not mean you cannot have fun outdoors, right? If you’ve got a voyeuristic streak in you, then the HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter might be just your cup of tea after forking out $79.99 for this puppy. Sporting a professional metal body, this unique helicopter comes with a 3-channel control and built-in gyro, also carrying along a tiny embedded video camera that can capture amazing video at your bidding. All it takes is a simple press of a button on the remote and you’re good to go, where another press will also stop recording. All recorded video can then be downloaded over to a computer for future viewing. As long as it is under zero wind conditions, the HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter is capable of taking to the air at over 150 feet high. All video will be stored on a microSD memory card, and it has a controlling range of a few hundred feet. At least you can check out just what your neighbor is wearing so that you won’t wear the same thing to the town’s Christmas party the same night to avoid a fashion faux pas.