– Because there’s already new stuff you know you want

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love technology, I want everything new that hits the market. The problem is, as an early adopter, I then want the newer model of whatever it was that “I had to have” in the first place. This gets rather expensive and I can’t tell you how many of these items are lying around in drawers. Still quite good and perfectly usable, taking up space, unused and very unappreciated.

Well, I’m ready to trade that stuff in for some cash! I found and it’s one of those things that just seems to make good sense. Gazelle pays you for the gadgets you no longer use or want. It’s a simple process, and you tidy up your junk drawer, recycle your old toys and get a little cash in the process.

First, you visit Gazelle’s website and look up the item you want to get rid of, answer a few questions about its condition and get an offer, if qualified, they send you a box and shipping label and when it arrives, they check it out, remove your personal information and pay you via cash, gift card or even with a donation to charity.

Finally, your item gets a new home, or gets recycled, you have space to put your new stuff, and you don’t have to feel completely guilty about buying it, right?

I’m thinking if I “Gazelle” all the practically new cellphones I have, I might be able to quit my job.