Angelcare – You’ll be so happy when you realize you never needed it

I remember bringing my only child home from the hospital, and I remember all too clearly the first few weeks with her, alone, just her, my husband and I. We didn’t sleep, but not because she wasn’t sleeping. It was because we were terrified.

Enter Angelcare, the one thing I wish was available back then, it is the most sophisticated baby monitor I have ever found. The Angelcare Deluxe Plus is a sound, and a movement monitor. The Angelcare Deluxe Plus version is able to detect your baby’s slightest movements, even while she sleeps and it will sound an alarm if there is no movement detected for 20 seconds. Never fear however, when they say the slightest movements, they even mean breathing.

The Angelcare comes with an under the mattress sensor pad with adjustable sensitivity as well as a sound monitor. The baby’s unit has a soft nightlight and room thermometer. The temperature is displayed on the parent’s units, which can alert you if the temperature were to fall below your preset range.  This monitor also offers an optional ticking feature. If movement is detected, there will be a gentle audible tick. All this, and an operating range of about 820 feet.

There is no question that we would have slept better if we had one of these. I think I’ll stick one under her mattress when she becomes a teenager, It cant hurt right?

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  1. Hi Mansoor, yes the babies breathing is detected as movement. So while it’s sleeping the alarm doesn’t constantly go off. I found it pretty incredible and the reviews seem to say it works very well. Have a good night!

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