Cowon gives glasses-free 3D to a PMP

We all know that Sharp is releasing two phones that can do 3D without glasses with the 003SH and 005SH mobile phones, and Nintendo gets the 3DS.

Glasses-free 3D technology is going to get another improvement as Cowon is going to make a Portable Media Player (PWP) with a 4.3 inch glasses-free 3D screen with 800 x 480 resolution.

This PMP, which is currently called the Cowon 3D, will have the ability to do 1080p high definition video, not to mention other PMP features like reading ebooks, web browsing, photo viewing, and listening to music.

The battery on this thing is good for about 10 hours of mobile use. I can’t help but wonder if what we are seeing is the home or menu screen to this PMP.

The one thing that we don’t know, and my Source asks as well, is if this can convert 2D into 3D. I really don’t know how much 3D can really happen from 2D. I’m sure that advancements in 2D to 3D are occurring everyday, but I don’t think we are “there” just yet.

I believe that the Cowon 3D will be out in December, but I’m not certain where. The price of this will be $430 for the 32GB model and $510 for the 64GB brand.


2 thoughts on “Cowon gives glasses-free 3D to a PMP”

  1. dude, how can soemthing with a native resoltion of 800 x 480 give out 1080P? think about it for a while. the screen is not capable of going up to the resolution, you know the one, 1920 x 1080. See how your article is flawed? perhaps you should choose your sources more wisely, or use common sense man.

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