iBoss – Keeps kids safe without all the yelling.


My daughter is only 7, she has her own computer but has yet to develop a cruising style. She goes to a few kid-friendly sites, plays some PC based games and has a limited e-mail account. She is not allowed on Facebook or MySpace and would have no idea what to do there without my help. But I am keenly aware that the need for some sort of internet security is fast approaching, and Mom the eagle eye just isn’t going to be enough.

Enter the iBoss, an internet filtering device that allows you to control the on-line activities in your household with computer hardware, not an easily bypass-able software program. The iBoss lets you to share your Internet connection safely at home with all of your wired and wireless computers and provides a powerful system that lets you control AND monitor internet usage, without all the yelling

Detailed parental controls allow you to restrict access to specific categories of information and allow you to decide how much time, and at what times internet access will be available. If a bypass of the system is attempted, you will be alerted. If access at an inappropriate time is attempted, you will know that too. The system will also generate internet activity reports that can be e-mailed to you automatically. Wow, the little weasels that live in our houses wont be able to get away with anything… I like it!

Simply connect the iBoss to your broadband Internet connection to safely share and protect all of your family’s wired and wireless computers for $49.95 includes a 1 month subscription. Also available for business.

Source: ibosswebfilters.com

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