Iron Man 2 Helmet from Hasbro

by Mark R

Since the holidays are coming, there are a lot of kids who will want toys from last summer’s big blockbuster, Iron Man 2.

Fortunately, Hasbro has Iron Man toys in droves, and if your young kids don’t want an Arc-reactor for their heart, they can have this Iron Man 2 helmet for their head.

The Iron Man 2 helmet comes with a flip-up face, so you can raise it up and say: “The truth is…I am Iron Man”. Of course, if you want an automated voice to say that, you can have that too. There are three buttons on the side that say some pretty random things. Sometimes it sounds like Iron Man, and sometimes it sounds like Jarvis, the computer from Iron Man. Neither of these voices are from the movies.

In case you are wondering if this bug-eyed Iron Man mask is made just for kids, then I would have to say the answer is no. I was able to wear this, and it covered my face down to my chin. The only problem that I had as an adult wearer of this mask was the back part of this helmet never really fit in the back just right every time. I could only get two of the three tabs to fit right.

All Iron Fans should be able to get the Iron Man 2 Helmet off the Hasbro site for $34.99.

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