Xi3 Corporation Xi3 Modular Computer

Modular computing is somewhat similar to taking a flight on a budget airline – there are no frills to worry about, and you pay for what you need/want to use. Well, Xi3 Corporation plays on this concept with the Xi3 Modular Computer which intends for you to use the same computer for many years to come, hence helping your household (as well as organization) save money in the long run without having to splash too much dough in the process. Basically, Xi3 Corporation has specially designed the Xi3 Modular Computer to make it (potentially) the last computer you ever need to buy – at least that is what they claim.

It was recently showcased for the first time to journalists at the CES Unveiled @ NY Showcase and Networking Reception in New York City, where the Xi3 Modular Computer managed to pick up the Innovations Award Winner in the Computer Hardware category for the 2011 International CES trade show in the process. You will have to see it to believe it – it is really small, measuring no more than 4-inches per side, but packing quite a punch for its relative size underneath the hood. We are talking about 64-bit x86 dual core processors from AMD that sip an average of 20 Watts or less when running.

The Borg would definitely love its square like design, and the Xi3 Modular Computer is supported by half a dozen issued U.S. patents while relying on the Xi3 computer architecture that divides the classic motherboard into three separate boards – one will hold the processor and RAM, the other two more I/O boards will handle all connectivity and input/output requirements, while each Xi3 board can be quickly removed, modified and/or replaced in a jiffy. Not only that, the Xi3 design makes it a snap to connect new external devices to the Xi3 Modular Computer.

Pricing starts from $849 if you’re interested, and supplies are rather limited at the moment since they’re only available for evaluation and proofs-of-concept purposes, with general availability predicted to begin from early 2011 onwards.

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