PDP’s Epic Mickey Peripherals for the Wii

by Mark R

While I was at E3 in Los Angeles last summer, Disney Interactive had their best game-face on with several of their holiday games on display, including Epic Mickey.

Epic Mickey is kind of a dark game from the Mouse House. It stars the big mouse himself as he ventures into a Wasteland with a magical paintbrush. In the game, Mickey must “break free from the Mad Doctor’s clutches, set out in pursuit of the mysterious rabbit Oswald, and defeat the Evil Blot.

PDP (Performance Designed Products) is prepared for this game with Epic Mickey video game accessories. You might notice the Evil Blot in the top left photo. This is a Wiimote Controller charger, and it has a collectible design along with a removable Mickey Mouse Figure. The head lights up, and it has its batteries included for giving the Wiimote some added juice.

Of course, what use is a collectible Wiimote if you don’t have a Nunchuk? That is what that paintbrush is. It was designed to look like Epic Mickey’s weapon of choice as he brings color to an otherwise dark world. I got a chance to use it, and it is real wood with a plastic tip. It is a definitely unique shape for a Nunchuk.

Both products are available at the PDP website. The Epic Mickey Remote Charging System costs $49.99, and the Paintbrush Secondary Controller is $19.99. As for the Epic Mickey game for the Wii, it should be out before the end of this month.

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