ASSET camera can bust you for five moving violations in five seconds

It seems like technology always finds a way to police us, and this camera system known as ASSET (Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport) will more than likely increase the number of moving violations more than red-light cameras.

It has 3D cameras with two lenses that can detect speeding violations from 50 yards away, and it can also check out possible tailgaters. Another 3D camera on the ASSET can also detect a seatbelt on a driver, and even photograph it for evidence in a court case. I wonder if it can detect whether a toddler is wearing the proper seat harness. I see that law being violated all the time.

Special aerials are designed to transmit pictures to the police, and there is a number plate recognition camera to detect whether or not the license tabs are not expired, not to mention the insurance information.

All of these citations are possible within about five seconds from when the ASSET notices you. Yes, Big Brother is watching the road!

I am not certain how much it would cost to have an ASSET on every corner, but it is currently being tested in Finland. The current plan is to bring ASSET into other European countries, and possibly even the United States.


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