Urbee, the 3D printed car

This is Urbee, not to be confused with Herbie, a sentient Volkswagen from Walt Disney.

Urbee could easily be as unique as the Love Bug, as it is the only car ever to have its frame, including the glass, made from a 3D printer. I don’t know about the engine or the other inner workings.

The two-seat car was made by 3D printing Stratasys and engineering company Kor Ecoogic. Urbee is most certainly not ready for mass-production as yet, but it certainly looks like it was made for the future. You know, that really cool future that we see in movies.

As for the fuel, Urbee runs on gasoline and ethanol, but gets a pretty good miles per gallon rating at 200. There are plans to make sure that it runs on Earth-safe power like electricity or biofuels.

I’m guessing that Urbee is some sort of beginning of an era when cars are made with 3D printers. I can’t help but wonder if they will all look like this. If it was 3D printers, can’t you make any kind of frame that you want? Perhaps you can make some sort of car with interchangeable frames, so you can have a Cadillac one day and a Porsche the next.