Blink Now reminds you of an involuntary action

Sometimes the products that I report on at Coolest Gadgets can be “too good to be true”, and they are usually concept gadgets what we will probably never see. Then there are products like Blink Now, which seem too silly too be true. Maybe someone needs to call Foolish Gadgets on this one.

Blink Now is a small LCD display designed to perch atop your monitor like a webcam. Only the Blink Now just looks like it is watching you.

On this LCD screen is a single eye that blinks at random intervals. Apparently, this can subliminally remind the user of the importance of blinking while working on a computer. That way, the user won’t get Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which is the result of extended computer use.

I honestly have never heard of a computer screen affecting my blinking rate, and certainly didn’t hear about any harmful effects. I always thought my blinking was an involuntary action, and I didn’t need a reminder. What’s next, a thing that subliminally reminds me to breathe?

Well, Blink Now is available at the BLAZE website, for a price of about $79. It is only available for pre-order, and it should be shipped to you before November. Assuming it is real, of course.


5 thoughts on “Blink Now reminds you of an involuntary action”

  1. It is primarily involuntary – however it’s been found that the concentration most folks have when working at a computer (intense focusing constantly at the screen) tends to drastically drop the rate of blinking. It’s mostly in tech jobs where your entire day is at the PC, than the casual user.

    It’s been a known problem for many years in the tech sector.

  2. Gonna give this a try, I’m sure I have this computer vision syndrome, my vision goes blurry when im sat at the computer, especially at night.
    Neat little idea.

  3. the condition is real and the more you work on a computer the less you blink. this can lead to problems. But If this expencive gadget will work I have no idea.

  4. I didn’t come across the product until I was searching for the causes of dry eyes and headaches. It turns out that staring at a computer screen does cause them!

    Apparently when using a computer screen your blink rate can reduce by up to 50% (so it’s not as “involuntary” as it sounds) as you are focusing on the screen and forcing your eyes to stay open.

    I invested in one of these and the results were amazing! I can’t say how impressed I was for such a simple device – if you focus more on the solution/results and not the device itself, it is flawless.

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