Colorware iPad Grip

The iPad could come in useful for a whole lot of different people, but if you have clumsy tendencies it could be disastrous to own one.  With those sleek designs it could easily slip through your fingers and come crashing to the ground.  In order to keep the iPad in one piece you could always pick up a Colorware iPad Grip.  It’ll give you something that’s much easier to hold.

The handle comes for iPads that have been put through the Colorware process or ones that are just fresh off of the Apple assembly line.  It will require a minor amount of assembly on your part, but it all only requires pretty minimal tools.  Much like all Colorware items, this comes as plain or as bright as you want it.  To get yourself one it’ll just cost you $300, but you already spent quite a bit of cash on that shiny new iPad.  What’s a few hundred more?!  You don’t need to pay rent, just tell that landlord to wait until next month.

Source: Newlaunches