Belkin Conserve Gateway router system

Belkin’s back with their spanking new Conserve Gateway router system which will work in tandem with your smart meter in order to deliver real-time insight about home energy use. How is this made possible? Well. you can check out what the Conserve Gateway reports through a simple and elegant web interface, which means you know what’s happening at home even though you’re thousands of miles away. Using their simple interface, it allows you to easily track and reduce energy use in your home, while picking up additional conservation tips that you can pass on to friends and family. Not only that, it enables utility companies with the ability to push information to Conserve Gateway with advice or calls to action, including “By using your dryer more efficiently, you can save up to $76 per year.”

The protocol used here was informed by extensive ethnographic research which proved most people do not know what a kilowatt-hour (kWh) is and have even less of an idea about where power comes from. The whole idea of the Conserve Gateway router system would be to help you focus on the future, and in this case, energy conservation for the next generation. After all, this makes perfect sense since smart meter installations in homes have been growing over the years, and getting additional help to be able to pinpoint just which are the power guzzlers in your home helps as well.

Among the features found on the Conserve Gateway include :-

  • Ability to provision and manage a home area network (HAN) to enable the monitoring and control of in-home devices, appliances, and energy loads.
  • Smart Energy Profile (SEP 1.0) certified ZigBee® network interface for communicating with smart meters deployed with utility advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet network interface allows for communicating with cloud-based device management system through user’s home broadband router and provides an alternate channel for utilities to communicate with the gateway.
  • Secure data communications across wired and wireless media and networking protocols.
  • OTA software upgrades can allow application updates to be pushed to the device.
  • External antenna for maximum ZigBee pairing range

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