dB Logic announces headphones or earlphones with SPL2 technology

Having good quality audio is not on top of everyone’s agenda, although for some people it might be their top priority. Well, dB Logic intends to deliver the very best for both adults and little ones alike, merging superior sound, style and comfort without sacrificing on the health of your ears. dB Logic has just introduced the world’s first family of no-battery-required, ultra-low distortion sound pressure level limiting headphones and earphones. All of them will be powered by SPL2 technology that will do its bit to help protect users from long-term hearing damage – a good idea if your teen is one who loves toting around his or her iPod at full blast. Apart from that, little ones too can benefit from SPL2 in the form of “dB Logic for Kids” – the first type of high-sound-quality headphones specially designed for children.

The high popularity of MP3 players as well as a plethora of other portable media players has done its fair share of damage in the acceleration of hearing damage among young people. A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that one in five teenagers today is already experiencing significant hearing loss. dB Logic’s proprietary sound pressure level (SPL) limiting technology, SPL2, will do its bit by limiting volume levels thanks to advanced circuitry, doing away with the need for bulky battery-powered processors.

The dB Logic headphones and earphones for adults will arrive in the market from early November onwards, where it will retail for between $29.99 and $39.99, depending on the model you choose. If you want to splash more dough on your little ones, then the dB Logic for Kids products will start from $39.99 upwards. Since colors will do its bit to inject some zest into life, dB Logic’s headphones and earphones will also be available in a range of fashionable colors Passion (red), Envy (green), Salmon (pink), and Sky (blue), black, and silver shades.

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