Belkin iPod GoStudio Recorder is so petite

I had thought that the trend with gadgets was to keep making them smaller and smaller, no matter how easy it makes them to lose.  Sure, this will make it so that you can record things directly to your iPod, but it’s twice the size of a normal tape recorder.  Something has just gone horribly backwards here.  I know, it offers all sorts of features, but as a fan of the sleek and portable it’s hard to get past the size.  Then again maybe you’ll be happy to have a gadget again that has some meat on its bones.

This records directly to your iPod in 16 bit, 44kHz digital audio quality.  It has 2 built-in microphones and 2 combo microphone inputs.  It also has the obvious built-in speaker that’ll let you play back what you’ve just recorded.  The Belkin GoStudio was designed for podcasters, journalists, teachers, students and anyone else that might still be using a sleek and barely noticeable, yet horribly outdated tape recorder.  Shame on you for carrying around that outdated tech.  Sure it’s smaller and looks better, but you just can’t do that!  You should immediately get rid of it and invest $109.06 at Amazon for one of these, because it’s shiny…. and new.

Source:  GadgetGrid

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