AS&E’s Z Backscatter Vans are like scanners on wheels

Some of you might remember the Thruvision TS4 scanner, a way to see through a body without the use of radiation.

There has been much talk about privacy issues with these types of scanners. The issue just got more interesting with the AS&E’s Z Backscatter Vans.

These Vans are able to bounce a narrow stream of x-rays through nearby objects. Absorbed rays show dense material such as steel, but scattered rays can indicate less-dense objects like explosives, drugs or human bodies.

I’m sure you are probably imagining these things being used on the border, possibly to detect illegal aliens. Rest assured, that these ZBV things can identify people, but not by race, sex, or age.

Apparently, the company has customers on every continent except Antarctica, which is a little scary. Especially since I would prefer not being scanned too closely. I can’t see any embarassing features from the five or so people trapped in this transport, apparently.

You know how in movies, there are these spy vans that hang outside areas that are under surveillance? Imagine if they had one of these scanner things on it. I suppose that a lot things could be seen in a ZBV, right?