36 Cube targets the brainy ones

Want to give your brain an exercise? The 36 Cube from Firebox might do the trick, and it is a no-brainer that spending £19.99 on a brain teaser of a puzzle is a good investment regardless of your age. Unlike Sudoku, you won’t need any pencils or pens to play this, and using your hands to manipulate a physical object while solving something is always magical. 36 Cube fills up this niche, and is a 3D version of Sudoku so to speak, where it is touted to have you hooked within seconds. Don’t discount the fact that it will deliver hours of infuriation while keeping you riveted for a long time to come. The whole idea of 36 Cube would be to place all 36 towers onto its skyline-style base to form a level cube. Sounds too easy like taking candy from a baby, but you will soon find out that it might just be mission impossible since the towers do vary in height, not to mention the bits on the base itself. Of course, there is the other issue of being unable to repeat the same color in any single row or column.