Philips unveils third generation SpeechMike audio recording device

Mention Philips, and what comes to your mind? For many of us, it would be a slew of home consumer electronics that flood into living rooms, bedrooms and where else throughout your home. Well, things are slightly different this time around with Philips rolling out the third-generation of its SpeechMike audio recording devices. This freshest model of the wired dictation device series will include essential new functions as well as design elements which were previously limited to the wireless SpeechMike Air. Talk about merging both form and function into a single device.

This redesigned model will sport updates which were specially thrown into the mix to enhance the user’s experience. The device itself will have an antimicrobial surface which ought to make those who are paranoid about catching a superbug somewhere (or hate to say “No” when it comes to lending their stuff to others and yet want it to remain squeaky clean) happy. The spanking new housing will impede the reproduction of microorganisms, and that alone makes it important for use in a clinical environment while bringing benefit to individuals who suffer from allergies. One technology update would also be the noise-reduction technology which will more or less completely eliminates noise interference resulting in a distinct improvement in the accuracy of voice recognition systems. Great for folks who hate making dictations in noisy areas only to realize later that whatever they have spoken did not turn out right.

Some of the other updates in the new SpeechMike include :-

  • An increased size of dictation function buttons, which creates a more ergonomic form and facilitates fast and convenient thumb control
  • A newly positioned trackball with a laser sensor, which allows precise cursor movements and contains an integrated confirmation button for simple control of PC functions and can be used to control volume
  • An integrated LED indicator, which shows users the current recording status in different colors so users can avoid errors in post-correction of a voice recording

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