Panther offers you remote controlled fun

If you’re looking to have some remote controlled fun, then might we suggest the £99.99 Panther? This is touted to be an “amazing, madcap, fearlessly insane remote control buggy” that is extremely nimble, and it is pretty rare to see an RC buggy move along at 45kmh (yes, it is that fast) without losing any of its control in the hands of a true master. Equally at home in both outdoors or large indoor spaces, the Panther would perform best in stylish rally skids and homemade assault courses. Assuming you have a large carpeted area, then the Panther will stick to the floor like a dream and respond to even the lightest touch. Relying on a trigger-style throttle and steering wheel, getting the Panther to respond to your commands is a snap, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a southpaw or not. Two hours of battery charging ought to give you plenty of fun before the next round of charging.