Nobili Spa Sun Lamp Faucet

by Ally

This Nobili Spa Sun Lamp isn’t just another cheap faucet packed full of LED lights that indicate when the water is piping hot.  Instead it’s a kitchen sink that’ll make washing dishes and food a whole lot easier.  Along with offering you a nice strong stream of water, you’ll get some added lighting right on the end of the faucet.  With this you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve missed a spot on one of your pots or pans.

The faucet pulls out just like your average sprayer would.  Although a light directly over the sink helps a great deal, you still have problems with shadows where you’re left tilting pots this way and that.  This sprayer could get up close and you’ll never be left with a dark corner, especially since it features a whopping 30 LED lights.  Hopefully the faucet isn’t too horribly expensive, but right now it doesn’t appear that they’re listing a price.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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