uDraw GameTablet for the Nintendo Wii

by Mark R

It is amazing to see what sort of accessories are coming out for gaming. I’m not certain if the Wii was ever designed for typing, but there is the Nyko Type Pad for that.

I’m also not certain that it was ever intended as a drawing board, but this particular uDraw GameTablet by THQ is going to make it into one.

As you can see, the wireless Wiimote fits very snugly in the side, and a wired pen for a writing screen. Think of it as a Paint program for the Wii, and there is a video available after the jump.

However, it doesn’t look drawing is all that you can do with it, because it is compatible with certain games. One of them is called Dood’s Big Adventure and the other is a digital version of the classic board game Pictionary. I wonder if this will be used in conjunction with the game de Blob Underground, sequel to the should be classic THQ game de Blob. There will be more games for the uDraw by the end of 2011.

This tablet sounds like the ideal Christmas present, and it will be available for the holidays. It will cost about $69.99, but the games should cost about $29.99.


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