Crossbow Pistol merges weapon technologies into one device


The ancient crossbow was a powerful ranged weapon, offering a range that is beyond that of the ordinary bow and arrow, but it had its drawbacks too, since it was heavy and cumbersome to tote around, and has a much slower rate of fire. Well, fast forward to today and you get the Crossbow Pistol, a £12.99 toy which would render the slingshot and pebbles setup for little ones obsolete. After all, even troublemakers of today will require pinpoint accuracy and a decent range, and the Crossbow Pistol offers them both. You won’t find anything that can knock down Goliath though, since the 3 darts with suckers on the end are perfectly harmless, sticking to glass surfaces or TV screens. Apart from that, there is also a space underneath to store them, making sure you can annoy your colleagues or family members at a drop.

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