USB Butt Cooler Cushion

by Ally

The Butt Cooler Cushion doesn’t leave much room for guessing, they just go right to the point and don’t dance around the truth.  You have to value that level of bluntness.  This Thanko cushion is meant to make sure that even your posterior stays nice and cool while you’re sitting in front of a very warm computer.  That’s one heck of an accomplishment to stay cool in the presence of a computer.

The cushion is of course USB powered, being a Thanko product.  The cushion has a integrated fan and even a USB adapter for your car.  That means you can even use it while you’re out and about.  Although somehow I doubt that carrying around a cushion like this is really going to attract the opposite sex.  Then again, having sweat pouring off of you won’t help either.  With the built-in fan it circulates the air and blows it right up your… get the idea.  You can purchase it for ¥5,200.00 or about $60 through Geek Stuff 4U.

Source: Gizmodiva

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NEVER LEAVE YOUR DESK AGAIN!! « MAN-SIZE Says: August 12, 2010 at 4:19 pm

[…] USB Cushion This fancy butt cooler you attach to your chair guarantees to keep what’s under your desk nice and breezy while the fan takes care of your face. Speaking of which, did we mention there’s a fan attached?!! (Cool Gadgets) […]

Craig Says: December 26, 2010 at 7:46 pm

So does it exhaust or ventilate?

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