Hitachi LifeStudio drives makes it easier to archive digital memories


While digital cameras in this day and age are extremely affordable (if you’re talking about a decent entry-level model) and have no recurring costs like purchasing and developing film, it comes at a price – you will need to have a proper backup system of all your photos if you were to dive knee deep into photography. Not only that, do remember the pain of migration from one platform to another over time since formats and media types tend to change as well, alongside the risk of the magnetic bits on your hard drive platter disintegrating in time, so make sure you always have at least two backups of a single photo wherever you are. Hitachi is proud to develop what they call an evolved hard drive, bringing the Hitachi LifeStudio Drives to the market as the first and only All-in-One external drive that makes it a whole lot easier to organize, protect and relive life’s most stunning moments.

Among the highlighted features would be Automatic Organization and Easy Sharing – now who wouldn’t want that? How does Automatic Organization work, you ask? Well first of all, the drive will automatically pull together and organize your photos, videos, music and documents from your computer, a compatible connected USB device or even over your range of social media outlets, making them a whole lot easier to access as and when you want them, not to mention making the dissemination process a whole lot easier as well. You can also easily upload, view and interact with photos on Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums without once leaving the application – that is how tight the integration is.

With 3D Navigation built-in, you can relive those beautiful moments on a 3D wall, making it easier to search for an individual photo instead of going through folder after nested folder due to a failing memory. Hitachi LifeStudio drives are also big on data protection, bringing the concept to the next level by offering both local and online cloud backup in a single integrated solution. Not only that, you only need to familiarize yourself with just one interface, so there is no need to go through the hassle of downloading and installing two separate programs any more. All online content will be stored in its natural format, so you can access your files from virtually anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. Prices start from $79.99 upwards.

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Gadget Thumbnails for 12-Jul-2010 » Coolest Gadgets Says: July 12, 2010 at 10:02 pm

[…] Hitachi LifeStudio drives makes it easier to archive digital memories Gadget […]

digitalbayfrog Says: September 9, 2010 at 12:28 pm

If you bought this drive for the online back up, don’t bother.

To back up 10GB it would take 0ver 13,000 hours. That’s over 50 days!!!

Called online support: “it’s expected to be slow online. We have a bandwidth problem we know about.” I explained that this does not qualify as “slow.” I demanded reimbursement, which they did within 24 hours.

Hitachi needs to stop their BS around online back up. Either they can provide the service, and they should market it. Since they cannot, I would advise consumers to not buy the service, and to not buy the HD either if this is the reason you bought it in the first place.

Edwin Says: September 10, 2010 at 9:16 pm

Thanks for your input, Digitalbayfrog. Good luck with your future purchases!

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