Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine

Paul Frank is always more than happy to offer some kind of case for pretty much all of the iPods and iPhones out there.  Which makes it no surprise that they’d create another accessory that makes sure to nestle your iPod close to Julius.  This goofy looking monkey apparently has a love for any and all iPods, because he is compatible with absolutely all of them.

Of course they don’t actually say if it’ll work with the iPhone though.  The Julius Dance Machine is soon to hit the Paul Frank stores, to be more specific, they’re looking at sometime in July.  The details on this are just a little skimpy, but to give you somewhat of an idea, the iPod will sit in his lap.  It’ll last for 6 hours from a single charge and features a 3.5mm stereo mini plug.  There is also no word on how much the little speaker will actually cost.

Source: GeekyGadgets