Astro A30 Metal Gear Solid Headset

There are very few headsets out there that won’t make you look like a total dork.  Sure, you might be seriously creaming the competition in a game, but you’re still going to look like a bit of a dweeb with that headset firmly on your head.  Thankfully, there are the occasional headsets created that actually look pretty cool.  This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is one that might just help you look a little tougher while you’re wearing it.

As far as the sound goes, it’s probably pretty decent.  However, headsets and headphones are just one of those things no matter what the statistics state, it’s just better to test them out for yourself.  Hopefully you can get a buddy to buy them first and then you can find out the verdict on them.  These were just recently released in the US and can be picked up for $149.  Of course they’ll also give you $20 voucher to purchase the game, which is nice.

Source: Crunchgear