Sharp BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 Blu-ray Disc Recorders announced recently in Japan


Folks in Japan will be pleased to know that Sharp has just announced a couple of new Blu-ray Disc Recorders, where they will be known as the BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70, respectively. These two new AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Recorders are no ordinary Blu-ray Disc Recorders, since they support playback of Blu-ray 3D discs to help usher in a brand new age in the world of home theater entertainment. In a nutshell, the BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 Blu-ray Disc Recorders will be able to handle Blu-ray 3D discs that contain 3D Blu-ray content recorded in conformance with the MPEG4-MVC technical standard for compressed 3D video. As you connect it to the 3D-compatible AQUOS Quattron 3D LCD TV, you will then be able to enjoy viewing 3D video with a realistic sense of depth. Apart from that, these units will feature a stereo headphone jack which supports Surround Sound Audio Output for that added touch of class, producing impressive surround sound so that listeners can enjoy audio with an exceptionally realistic sense of presence even when using headphones.

Not only that, these models will sport Sharp’s New Transcoder, which is a proprietary video compression scheme that enables extended recording of video data with high image quality. It can also record up to a couple of programs simultaneously in approximately (maximum) 10X extended record mode. Each new purchase will also feature a full suite of functions to enable linking with peripheral devices, and that comprises of support for recording HD video from SKY PerfecTV! HD and cable TV (CATV), without leaving out home network functionality which enables viewers to enjoy content recorded on these units on an AQUOS TV that is located in a different room over a local area network.

Other major features include :-

  • Supports playback of Blu-ray 3D(TM) discs, enabling users to enjoy 3D video with a realistic sense of presence and depth.
  • Headphone jack supports Surround Sound Audio Output, allowing users to enjoy impressive surround sound.
  • New Transcoder and Super-Fine Image Quality technology enable extended recording times of two programs simultaneously at full HD resolution in approximately (maximum) 10X mode.
  • Support for home network functions in addition to the ability to record in HD mode from SKY PerfecTV! HD broadcasts and cable TV.

No idea on how much these will cost when available though, nor when. Time to jump into the stereoscopic 3D world of movies, eh?

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