HRP-2 Promet can stand on one leg

by Mark R

I suppose that as a parent, I am proud of what my children can do. I’ve found that once they learn to walk and talk, they start doing things that are impressive to them but mundane to us. For example, standing on one foot.

Sure, we humans can probably stand on the left or right leg interchangeably without even thinking about it, so you might not think it too impressive that we have a robot that can do the same thing.

This is AIST bipedal humanoid robot, the HRP-2 Promet, which can do just that. Now, I’m sure it can do other things, like walk or talk, but generally, I have noticed that robots these days can usually do one thing. That or something that it can do very well, like figure out how to hold things.

I suppose it is a matter of time before someone takes all the concept robots that can do one thing and just merges them into one superior robot that can do just about everything that we humans can do.

Yeah, we are getting into science fiction territory with that one, but if we ever have that robot in real life, we can look back to his day and say “it all began when the HRP-2 Promet stood on one foot”.


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