The Aviator Headphones

Skullcandy is usually a line that sticks with the rocker and punk types of gadgets.  That’s by no means a bad thing, but these Aviator Headphones are more likely to appeal to a broader crowd.  Their current audience will still like these, but it might pull in a few new fans to the Skullcandy line.  Although these aren’t technically done solely by Skullcandy, actually they teamed up with Roc Nation to get these new sets.

Despite appearing slightly bulky, these are a bit more portable than they appear.  They fold up to make them a bit smaller and easier to carry around.  The headphones themselves feature a 20-20kHz frequency response, 65Ohms impedance, 40mW of input power, 100mW of output and a 3.5mm gold plated plug.  The headphones aren’t out just yet, they’ll be showing up sometime in June.

Source: SlipperyBrick