Barbellfish makes it easier to put on weights

Barbells are one of those things that probably don’t need to be improved, but of course, we as human beings will always try.

Such is the case with the Barbellfish. You know how you normally put on barbel weights by putting them on a bar, screwing them on and off? The Barbellfish is designed to make the process a lot easier.

As you can see by the illustration, the user can remove the weights by simply using the handle, and putting them in the proper slot. I am going to assume that they somehow lock into place, because you don’t want to have these falling apart on you as you try and lift them over your head. It looks like they can split apart at the bottom for that ability.

Clearly this product had its name derived from the babel fish from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

Well, this Barbellfish will probably still be concept for now, but I think it is an idea whose time has come. After all, it isn’t really good for your back to lift those weights and extend your arm to put them on bars. Seriously, it isn’t.

So let’s hope we’ll see this at your local gym.


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