Drill Dust Collector

When you’re drilling into the wall, it’s bound to make a little bit of a mess.  It’s not a big deal if you’re drilling holes out in the garage, but when you’re doing them inside the house it usually forces you to clean.  Instead of cleaning up the mess after you’re finished, just make sure that the mess never spreads to all of your funiture.  This small device collects all of the dust before it has a chance to make a mess.

You just attach this directly to the wall that you happen to be drilling.  Then if you’ve managed to create too much dust for the little collector to hold, you can detach it from the wall to empty it.  Then it can easily be attached once again.  Although they don’t exactly mention how it attaches to the wall while it’s vacuuming up all that dust.  In order to keep it up and running you’ll just need to pop in the 2 included AA batteries.  You can purchase it for $19.95 through Buy Karcher.

Source: Bookofjoe