Double Circulator Fan for hot days

by Ally

Air being well circulated isn’t just a summer problem.  It can get that cool air up and moving during the summer, then in the winter it makes sure that the heat doesn’t stay trapped in one area of the house.  This fan doesn’t just blow it in one direction though, it goes in two to make sure that the air stays moving.  Plus the 2 small fans attached to the base are capable of being shifted and pivoted to get you the angles you really need.

Apparently it’s far more healthy to have a nice breeze going throughout the room, rather than having a fan blowing directly on you.  After you’ve chosen to put the fan in 2 different directions or a single one, you can then choose the speed of the fan.  It’ll actually let you choose between the standard 3 speeds that a lot of fans feature.  Unfortunately all that air comes at a price.  In order to purchase one of these it’ll cost you € 99.95 or about $127.

Source: RGS

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