B-Cycle: GPS-equipped Bike Sharing System

B-cycle is a very interesting bike sharing system that is projected to debut in Denver.

B-cycle is a very simple concept. Let’s say you are walking through the city, and you want to get to where you are going faster. Instead of taking the bus or subway, you can just go to the nearest B-cycle station, grab a bike, and pedal where you want to go. Of course, there must be a B-cycle station close to where you are going, so you can drop it off.

B-cycle bikes have a GPS unit built inside of them, so they won’t be stolen without them being tracked down. In other words, no bicycle is left behind. That’s cliche, I know, but the internal GPS unit allows the user to check the bike out online when signed in.

The B-cycle program is by Trek, and it costs about $5 a day or $65 a year. There are also hourly usage fees, so I suppose it is pretty reasonably priced.

Then again, I haven’t tried out this service yet. However, I sure want to. It sounds like the best way of getting around a big city on two wheels without worrying about whether or not your bike gets stolen.


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  1. Actually, any 30-minute ride is free on the B-cycle system in Denver. Right now, that’s going to cover most rides between kiosks. The sharing part means the administrators want to encourage short, point-to-point rides, so the 2nd half-hour is $1.10, the third is $2.20, the fourth $3.30, and the fifth or more is $4.40. If you don’t check the bike in, it’s a $65 max per day (because you’re not really sharing at that point). I’ve tried it a few times (they had a free code for a one-day membership) and basically used their bikes to go to different restaurants than I usually do. It’s nice to be able to check the bike in and NOT worry about theft when you arrive.

  2. A bus fare is a lot cheaper and you do not have to be responsible for any bikes period. Do you truly want to be blamed for a bike being stolen during your time usage lol! Eggxactly! Take the bus, it’s nice and cool and you get to meet all types of interesting characters too- even smelly ones lmao!

  3. In milan where i live there is yet the bike sharing working in the same way but there isn’t gps on bikes. It is useless and expensive.

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