Vodafone rolls out Palm Pixi Plus in Spain this month


Folks living in Spain might have wondered why is it they have yet to receive the Palm Pixi Plus after all this while, and we bring good news that this easy-to-use smartphone will be making its way to the Basque country this coming May 10th before the name of the handset is officially changed to the HP Pixi Plus. Yes, Palm might not be in the best position financially at press time, but at least there is a certain sense of security attached when you make your choice to pick up the Pixi Plus after knowing that HP has rode up on its horse, ready to rescue Palm from the evil clutches of bankruptcy. Folks in Spain who are subscribers of Vodafone might want to consider this simple smartphone in a week’s time if they are ready to renew their contract for a new phone.

Just a recap – the Palm Pixi Plus is touted to be the thinnest phone from Palm to date, making it a snap to fit into just about any hand or pocket without compromising on performance. It will run on the idiot proof webOS platform that has proved pretty capable, but sadly it hasn’t caught on with the masses simply because Palm did not license out webOS for other hardware manufacturers to include in their devices. At home for both work and social communicators, the Pixi Plus will not break the bank despite bringing a touchscreen display as well as a full QWERTY keyboard to the masses, with the latter making it instantly accessible for messaging and web content. Apart from that, you can take full advantage of the Palm Pixi Touchstone Back Covers and the Palm Pixi Artist Series Back Covers to make it play nice with the cool Touchstone Charging Dock for wireless charging, albeit having to purchase said Back Covers separately.

The Palm webOS also comes with a special over-the-air model for software updates, helping make sure that all the latest features and performance updates are sent directly to your phone without you having to hook it up to a computer and download firmware updates yourself. Other features of webOS include linked contacts, layered calendars, notifications and GPS, providing a rich catalog of innovative and unique offerings for Palm webOS users. It is also encouraging to note that the Palm App Catalog isn’t dying but still growing, although that remains to be seen with recent news of Palm being acquired by HP. Any takers in Spain?

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Rob Says: May 3, 2010 at 9:55 pm

This might have been useful if it had been you know…written in Spanish.

You fail as poorly as a Palm television ad.

hukiworld Says: May 4, 2010 at 2:32 am

Another “smartphone”… Seriously, who cares.

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