Phone for the elderly has SOS function

Alright so this does look highly similar to the joke remote controls that you give anyone turning 40 or 50, but this does have a lot of useful qualities.  When you’re half blind, you might want a cellphone that allows for you to read the numbers easily.  If an elderly person normally has to whip out the reading glasses to read the numbers, then this would save them the hassle. Plus there is also an added function for those emergency situations.

Should the elderly person fall and need help, instead of dialing 911 they can press the SOS button.  Ahead of time they can set the emergency number to call in case the SOS button is ever pushed. It can call or text up to 4 numbers.  Then after it’s pushed it will begin making a loud warning sound. Plus it also has a flashlight and an FM radio.  You can purchase one of these for $70 through Shopkami.

Source: ChipChick

2 thoughts on “Phone for the elderly has SOS function”

  1. It’s a neat gadget and has the potential to save lives. What about the u-Bot though? It’s a robot that can call 911 for you if you collapse – aimed at the care of elderly people.

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