Brainwave Desktop microwave

This concept microwave oven is something that I could use in my kitchen, or better yet, my office desk.

I’m going to steal an old ad campaign slogan from Oldsmobile and say “this is not your father’s microwave”. Just to let you know, my father’s microwave oven had a dial you had to hand-crank to set the time. Just thought I would let you know how advanced we are in comparison to the early 80’s.

Yeah, this BrainWave microwave oven is far more advanced. It has a USB port, for one. Some of you might wonder what this is good for. Imagine a microwave that is hooked up to your computer that lets you know when your food is ready.

It also has an RFID scanner. The RFID scanner is made to work with pre-packaged food, so you can scan the built-in RFID chip out of the package, and the oven will automatically know how long and how hot to heat your food for you.

Of course, this BrainWave desktop microwave oven is just a concept. (All the good tech is, for some reason.) Something tells me that we might be looking at an age where we just take a microwave-ready meal out of the fridge, scan the chip, and dinner is almost ready.


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