Sony rolls out new home audio solutions with 3D functionality

Looks like going 3D is the way forward, and companies are jumping aboard the 3D bandwagon like nobody’s business. Well, Sony is no different as they work on introducing a trio of new home audio solutions that offer 3D capability. Both the HT-CT350 and HT-CT150 3.1 channel would fall under the sound bar category, while the HT-SF470 5.1 channel home theater system brings a flexible solution to discerning home consumers, rounding off the Sony 3D experience while meeting the demands of 3D home entertainment. After all, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to back up a visual 3D feast with an aural one as well?

Sony decided that simplifying audio and video signal transfer in the new models that feature 3D pass-through with HDMI repeater (three inputs/one output) will be able to bring out the best audio quality possible, while playing nice with standby pass-through for audio and video devices connected via HDMI. The 400 watt total system power (100 watts x 3 channels + 100 watts subwoofer) HT-CT350 was specially designed to work in tandem with Sony’s 2010 BRAVIA televisions, where Sony has prepared a bracket with each purchase so that you can attach it directly to a number of 40 and above sets through a wall mount or the table top stand. As for the HT-CT150, you will be able to get 340 watts of total system power (85 watts x 3 channels + 85 watts sub) and a design that matches Sony’s 2010 32-inch BRAVIA HDTVs. Both of these models will support lossless linear pulse code modulation (LPCM) Blu-ray Disc audio via the HDMI input. Apart from that, they also come with BRAVIA Sync for control of compatible devices from a single remote, including Sony’s Digital Media Port for iPod (you can pick up the iPod cradle separately) and a couple of digital audio inputs (one coax and one optical) to round of its list of notable specifications.

As for Sony’s new 5.1 channel HT-SF470 home theater system, this 3D capable setup will work best when paired with a Blu-ray 3D player. It boasts 1000 watt (157W x 5 + 167W sub) with 3D pass-through via the three HDMI inputs, HDMI repeater and audio return channel. Both front and rear speakers are of the floor standing variety, while you get S-Air wireless technology and wireless multi-room capabilities to further reduce the number of wires that snake through the home in order to prevent unwanted trips and falls. Meant to match Sony’s 2010 Blu-ray Disc players and BRAVIA HDTVs, this model comes with BRAVIA Sync, Digital Media Port for iPod, a couple of digital audio inputs (one coax and one optical) and digital cinema auto calibration for easy set up. Expect to fork out around $400 for the HT-CT350 40-inch sound bar system this May, while the HT-CT150 32-inch sound bar system is going for around $300 at the same month. As for the HT-SF470 surround sound system, you will have to wait a month more where it will retail for approximately $550.

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  1. This audio feature isn’t new at all, it’s called surround sound which has been perfect by Bose first- read about it and you will see they created this “3D audio effect” first… Same sh** just new name!

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