NuMetrex Bra Detects Heart Rate

by Ally

The nice thing about working out on a treadmill is that it gives you all sorts of statistics, one of which being your heart rate.  If you prefer to keep track of your heart rate, then working out on a machine is about the easiest way to do it.  That is unless you pick up yourself one of these sports bras that tracks your heart rate.  That is, if you’re female.  If you’re male, well, people might start to ask a whole lot of questions.

Electrodes within the bra detect your heart rate and then thankfully send the information off to the watch on your wrist.  I imagine it’s a little more readable if the info is on your wrist instead of on the bra.  The bra, watch and transmitter start out in price at $99 through NuMetrex.  Of course if you are male, there is a very tight shirt that can do just the same through the same company.  The shirt sets are a bit more than the bra sets, starting out at $109.

Source: Ubergizmo

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