Giant Pocket Wall Clock

By this point I’ve come across a great deal of strange and sometimes almost unreadable clocks.  Well this clock is unique, but thankfully it’s still perfectly readable.  Plus, it’s attractive, which is something that ranks towards the top of the needs list when it comes to clocks.  After all, you have to look at the clock all of the time, so it should fit your tastes.  This clock mimics a much smaller clock, specifically a pocket watch.

If you are a pocket watch fan, then this should suit you perfectly.  Instead of being pocket sized, it’s big enough to read from across the room.  To be specific the diameter of this clock is 9 inches or 23 centimeters.  It comes only in this bright shiny silver and in order to keep it up and running you’ll need to keep 1 AA battery within it.  It’ll cost you £20.00 or about $30 through Urban Outfitters.

Source: RetroToGo