Verilux Clock wakes gradually

If you’re just not into shocking yourself into waking up, thankfully there are companies that sell more gradual solutions.  Those of you that could sleep through a bomb hitting the house next door might want to stick with the obnoxious jarring alarm clocks though.  For the average person though it’s really not necessary to be woken up with horribly loud noises.  For those ready to make the change this clock will help you fall asleep and wake up much more gradually and peacefully.

It has soothing sleep and wake up programs to help you feel more rejuvenated after you wake up.  You can use internal  and external light sources as well as nature sounds, therapeutic programs, your MP3s and even FM radio.  In the morning it will brighten the lights while increasing the noise level.  At night it will slowly decrease the sound and lights.  You can purchase the Rise & Shine Natural Sleep System for $249.95.

Source: TechFresh