Kempler & Strauss gold W Phonewatch

Remember the Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch that stirred quite a reaction from the audience at CES earlier this year? Well, the company knows that the economy is slowly but surely picking up worldwide, and signs of a recovery are imminent. This has led them to position themselves to ride the bullish wave when it arrives – by rolling out a Midas-inspired version of the said device. Basically, we’re talking about the very same W Phonewatch albeit being covered with a layer of gold this time round, making it the most luxurious smallest GSM quad-band cellphone dress watch in the world today. You can be sure that prices of this will only go up as time passes by since there will only be a thousand of these limited edition puppies to go around worldwide as it ships in Q3 later this year, offering consumers the convenience and functionality of a cell phone in a wearable fashionable wristwatch form factor.

As for those who want something less flamboyant than gold, you will be pleased to know that the long-awaited W PhoneWatch will also come in a range of stylish colors, which can be purchased via the company website at First announced last year, the W Phonewatch will ship with The Communicator, an innovative Bluetooth headset which enables you to carry out hands free conversations without missing a beat, while listening to MP3 files in stereo format. Kempler & Strauss has thrown in a robust set of features which include a GSM quad-band phone, wrist watch, touchscreen interface, still and video cameras, MP3 player, and useful applications including a calendar, address book and the ability to easily compose and send text messages. Each purchase will be accompanied by a 2GB microSD memory card which holds a handful of feature enhancements including the ability to synchronize contacts with Outlook, not to mention the ability of the W PhoneWatch to double up as a webcam and USB mass storage device.

Other features include support for GSM networks at 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz bands, a 1.5″ TFT LCD micro-touch touchscreen display at 128 x 128 resolution and the ability to display 260,000 colors, with the entire watch measuring a mere 57mm x 45mm x 18mm and tipping the scales at all of 2.5 ounces. It can be charged via USB or the included battery charger, where you get up to 150 minutes talk time and up to 150 minutes of music playback. Expect the vanilla version of the W Phonewatch to retail for $199, with the gold one to cost considerably more.

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